Here at DIAS Customs we fix anything Electric, scooters, bikes, motorbikes, cars and lithium batteries

We keep you on the road

Welcome to the electric wonderland at DIAS Customs LTD!

We’re the repair magicians for all things electric, from zapping controllers to reviving battery management systems and performing epic stunts like lithium battery pack repairs. Need a tire tango or brake boogie? We’ve got you covered!

But wait, there’s more! Our skilled team isn’t just about fixing stuff. We also love to get creative, whether it’s designing and 3D printing cool new parts or orchestrating complete vehicle makeovers that’ll make heads turn.

At DIAS Customs LTD, we’re all about bringing the spark back to your ride. Join us for a high-voltage journey and let’s keep that electric dream alive! Get in touch with our supercharged team today for a joyride you won’t forget!

Highlights of DIAS