ULTRON X3 DUAL MOTOR 2X3000W max >6000W max 60V 32Ah



ULTRON X3 DUAL MOTOR 2X3000W max  >6000W max 60V  32Ah

Let’s Talk Specs…


The X3’s  engine carries up to 3000W each of Dual hub power, capable of releasing 6000W of peak power. This truckload of power can propel riders up to speeds of 80+ KPH. Each motor is being powered by a 45 Amp controller. This means 90 Amps of power goes straight through them.

How about the battery capacity that supports this Beast? It has a stock battery of 32Ah which is decent for its power. That battery would come to at least 70 to 80KM in distance in normal commuting driving set up but it can go lower depending on the speed and terrain.


The X3 has a very long and wide deck capable of having 2 feet together and 2 feet apart while still having ample room to move about the board. The design of this is similar to X2, with the controllers situated on the neck.of the stem instead of the board. 

The X3 is also equipped with a EXA hydraulic oil spring suspension which is great for comfortable riding experience. This is also equipped with hydraulic brakes for great braking power. This also comes with a turn signal.

Διαθέσιμο με ελαστικά εκτός δρόμου


Attribute Value
Motor Dual Motor 60V6000W
Battery Capacity 32A, 70-80 km
Voltage 60V
Controller 2 x 45A
Wheel Tire 11 inch
Max. Speed 85-95 km/h
Climbing ability 35-40 degree
Charging time 10-12 h
Max. load 150 kg
Scooter size 125(L)*62(W)*128(H)cm
Scooter weight 45 kg
Brake Hydraulic brake
Shock Absorbers Double shock
Foldable Yes
Seat Possible to install



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