Speedway LEGER PRO (52V-20.8Ah) – Dual Brake (White)


Speedway LEGER PRO (52V-20.8Ah) – Dual Brake (White)

Introducing the NEW Speedway LEGER PRO! Powered by a robust 52V SINC battery and equipped with dual drum brakes, it guarantees safety and extended rides.

With a 500W BLDC HUB motor and 52V/20.8Ah battery, it reaches speeds of 45-50km/h and covers distances up to 70km.

– Motor: 500W Continuous (1450W Max) BLDC HUB motor
– Battery: 52V 20.8Ah Li-Ion (749Wh)
– Weight: 19 kg
– Charging Time: ~10hr with Standard 2A charger
– Max Speed: 45-50km/h
– Range: ~70km
– Gradeability: Approx. 30%
– Max Load: 120kg
– Drum Brakes on Both Wheels


The NEW Speedway LEGER PRO comes with an advanced SINC battery of 52V capacity and drum brakes on both wheels. This makes the scooter much safer and capable for bigger distances.
Speedway Leger: Simple and refined
  • The Speedway LEGER, has two side LEDs illuminating the logo but remains sober on its other parts. These LEDs, in addition to bringing a touch more aesthetic offers more visibilty at night .
  • The Speedway LEGER of a raised deck at the back. This novelty promises a real comfort of driving whatever your position.
  • It is also light and therefore easily transportable for people who wish to use it daily.
  • With a 500W BLDC HUB motor and a battery 52v/20.8Ah, it can reach a max speed of 45-50km/h and a max mileage of 70km.

  • Motor type: 500W Continuous 1450WΜΑΧ BLDC HUB motor
  • Battery type: 52V 20.8Ah / Li-Ion
  • Battery capacity: 749Wh
  • Product weight: 19 kg
  • Charging hour: ~10hr / Standard 2A charger basis (Depending on the battery condition)
  • Mileage: ~70km
  • Max speed: 45-50km/h / 60kg load, 25 degrees of ambient temperature Based on the flat road 15km/h constant speed driving(Best condition)
  • Gradeability: Approx. 30%
  • Max load: 120kg
  • Drum brake system on both wheels


Product Specifications
Motor500W Continuous 1450W max BLDC Dual Hub Motor
Battery type20.8Ah Li-Ion battery pack
Max mileage (km)70 (max 60kg / 25km/h)
Max Speed (km/h)50
Max load (kg)120
Gradability≈ 27%
ABS BrakingAvailable
BrakeDouble LED headlight, taillight, LED side
Charging time (1.7A-2A)10r+ (standard charger)
Folding HandlebarAvailable
Folding Steering TubeAvailable
SuspensionFront / Rear spring suspension
Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH1100 x 530 x 1170
Folded size (mm) LxWxH1040 x 206 x 380
DashboardSmart EY3 LCD Display
LightDouble LED headlight, taillight, LED side


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