Nami Blast (60V, 29Ah)


Equipped with top-notch features including an innovative front-facing fork for enhanced stability and safety, the Nami Blast promises an exhilarating riding experience. With its robust 1000W motors (max 5400W) and impressive battery range of up to 75 km, it’s built to conquer various terrains with ease. Prioritizing rider safety, the scooter is equipped with reliable hydraulic brakes and high-visibility LED lights, ensuring a smooth and secure ride.


The Nami Blast, which we had been eagerly anticipating as the latest model from Nami Electric, has arrived! With its top-notch quality and contemporary design, this model stays true to the brand. With its spectacular acceleration, it will be able to demonstrate its power.
Blast also features a brand-new innovation called a front-facing fork. This ground-breaking mechanism enables the rider to enjoy the highest level of comfort and security. When you encounter path irregularities, this new suspension system ensures your comfort on the road.

Nami Blast: great value for the money


  • Nami Electric designed an electric scooter equipped with two 1000W motors (max 5400W) to demonstrate its power (65km/h on private road). Moreover, the battery’s range is up to 75 km.
  • The Blast is an all-terrain vehicle due to its adjustable KKE suspension. Plenty to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable ride without noticing the road’s imperfections. Its contoured handles and handlebars aid in increased road traction

Maximum comfort and security


  • Prioritizing our clients’ needs for comfort and safety, we are constantly dedicated to ensuring the highest level of product quality. The Nami Blast is built with an aluminum chassis and a carbon steering column, and it is compact and flexible enough to ensure excellent stability.
  • It has fully hydraulic brakes, that ensure safe and smooth braking. With hydraulic brakes from Nami Electric, there is no need to worry about emergency braking or just slowing down.
  • Nami Electric decided to give its electric scooter strong headlights and LED side lights under the deck to ensure visibility day and night. Its all-black exterior blends flawlessly with this innovative and futuristic design.
  • The Nami Blast comes with a  smart dashboard. It is water-resistant and offers real-time control of each program and feature (speed, battery, lights, km, etc.). With only one click, you may switch between choices and modes.

Main Features

  • Inverted front fork and patented absorbent
  • Water resistance / IP55 certification
  • Smart dashboard / IP65 certification
  • Powerful hydraulic brakes – Logan (160mm)
  • Controllers: 2x40A Sinewave IP65
  • 11-inch tubeless tire 90/65-6.5 road
  • Hydraulic suspension with rebound adjustment – KKE
  • Aluminum steering column
  • Folding system designed by Nami Electric
  • Unique tubular frame (3 year warranty)
  • Customizable riding modes to suit your preferences


Product Specifications
MotorMax 5400W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
Battery type60V 29Ah Li-Ion
Max mileage (km)75 (75kg / 25km/h)
Max Speed (km/h)Restricted to 25km/h (65km/h on private road)
Max load (kg)120
BrakeRear & Front LOGAN 2 piston hydraulic brakes and electric brake (160mm)
SuspensionAdjustable KKE hydraulic suspension with rebound adjustment
Tires11″ Τubeless 90/65-6.5
Water ResistantSmart Dashboard/Controller IP65 Protection sign: IPX5
Product weight (kg)47
Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH1340 x 700 x 1320
Folded size (mm) LxWxH1340 x 700 x 580


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