Dualtron X LIMITED (84V, 60Ah)


Dualtron X LIMITED (84V, 60Ah)

The most powerful electric scooter, now upgraded as Dualtron X LIMITED.

Key features:

  • EY4 Color LCD Display: A fourth-generation widescreen display with clear scooter information and anti-glare screen.
  • Main Settings & Advanced Features:** Customize your ride with gear settings, password setup, backlight brightness, speed units, and more.
  • Complete Lighting System: Illuminate your path with 100W headlights for safety.
  • Damping System: Enjoy a stable ride with a thicker spring to prevent excess bouncing.
  • Hydraulic Brake with 4-Piston Caliper: Experience 50% more stopping power and reduced noise.
  • Dualtron X LIMITED vs. Dualtron X2: X LIMITED offers overtaking, a longer rubber deck, improved heat dissipation, and more ergonomic foot support.



The most powerful electric scooter on the market had major upgrades…
Dualtron X, is back as Dualtron X LIMITED.Upgrades like the new EY4 color LCD display, throttle that instantly increases the output current to 70A, better motor magnets optimizing the power output, 4 piston braking system, and a fully adjustable coil-over suspension, make X LIMITED the beast you were dreaming of.The Minimotors APP that you can download from the Google Play store or the APP store, will connect with X LIMITED via Bluetooth and give you even more important information about your scooter.


Minimotors fourth-generation widescreen display, with a separate screen and accelerator design. With the wide display, all scooter information is easier to read than ever. Speed, range, Battery value, controller temperature, Bluetooth, and other functions status can be seen on the main interface. And the anti-glare screen will not cause eye discomfort when riding in the sun.Main Settings

– Gear setting (1-5) + EBS (0-5)
– Password setup
– Backlight brightness (0-5)
– Speed unit (km/h, mp/h)
– Automatic shut-down (1-30 mins)
– Kick start (Off/On)
– Automatic safe mode (0-300s)
– Cruise control (Off/On)
– ABS (Off/On)
– Slow start (0-2.5s)
– Wheel diameter (5-26 in, set at 11 in)
– Speed limitation (5 to 100%)
– System voltage (36-84V, set at 72V)
– Motor torque (50%/75%!100%)
– Motor magnets (5-30, set at 30)

Advanced settings:

– EY4 meter supports Bluetooth connection, all basic settings can be set on the phone after connecting via Bluetooth. (APP can be downloaded in Google play and APP store)
– Prevent BMS cut mode (on/off)
– Overtaken function (on/off)
– Anti-theft lock function (on/off)
– DIY LED mood lighting (choose color and brightness



Minimotors independently developed headlights that use customized lamp beads with aluminum housing.


X Limited is designed with a thicker spring, which can prevent the excess jumping of the spring and scooter to achieve stable riding.

Hydraulic Brake With 4-piston Caliper

The 4-piston caliper allows a wider contact area for the disc brake rotor and provides an incredible 50% more stopping power than the previous model. Besides, the 4-piston caliper prevents the wobbling motion of the disc brake rotor and reduces noises significantly.

Dualton X LIMITED VS Dualtron X2

At Dualtron X LIMITED you can Double click the throttle, Output current increases to 70A. At Dualtron X2 there is no overtaking and controller output max to 50ASCOOTER BODY
Dualtron X LIMITED has a 130mm longer rubber deck). X2 is equipped with an aluminum deck with non-slip stickers.HEAT DISSIPATION EFFICIENCY
Dualtron X LIMITED Cooled by airflow at the bottom of the scooter. Also, heatsink has been added to the sides of the scooters. X2 is only cooled by airflow at the bottom of the scooter

More design at X LIMITED / More mechanical at X2


Product Specifications
MotorRated power 2000W, BLDC Dual Hub Motors
Battery typeLG 84V60Ah
Max mileage (km)≈ 170
Max Speed (km/h)≈ 110
BrakeFront&Rear hydraulic brake (4-piston caliper)
SuspensionHydraulic suspension (950 lbs spring), tuning in 19 steps
Tires13inch ultra-wide tubeless tire
Product weight (kg)83
Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH1450x358x775
Folded size (mm) LxWxH1450x648x1400
DashboardEY4 color LCD display
Light100W front lights, turning lights, brake light, LED mood lights


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