Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus (60V, 35Ah LG)


Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus (60V, 35Ah LG)

Discover the pinnacle of city-oriented electric scooters with the Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus. Designed for excellence in performance, quality, and affordability.

Key Features:

  • Dual Motors: Equipped with two high-performance motors, delivering 2150W of max output power each, for a total of 4300W. Conquer steep hills with ease.
  • Battery Options: Choose from CN 60V28Ah (LITE) or LG 60V35Ah (PRO) battery, featuring LG 21700 cells for top-tier quality.
  • Impressive Range: Under normal conditions, achieve up to 50km range with the 28Ah battery and up to 80km with the 35Ah version.
  • Spacious Deck: A longer deck offers more room for the rider’s comfort and convenience.
  • Designed for Tall Riders: Raised height by 60mm to accommodate tall riders comfortably.


Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus, Performance

The Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus is, to date, one of our most powerful city-oriented electric scooters and one of the best ratio performance/quality/price currently on the market (2021-2022).
The Victor Luxury Plus is equipped with two motors on the front and the rear capable of delivering 2150W of max output power each, for a total of 4300W. Enough to climb any stiff hill you may encounter.
The two high-performance motors of the Victor Luxury Plus are powered by either a CN 60V28Ah (LITE) or an LG 60V35Ah (PRO) battery. The PRO battery is composed of LG 21700 cells, amongst the best and highest quality cells on the market.
With normal driving conditions (medium speed, 65 kg user, warm temperatures), we expect the Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus to be able to achieve a range of 50km in its 28Ah version and 80km in its 35Ah version.

Longer Deck

The Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus is a resized Victor Luxury offering more space on the deck for the driver

Taller than Victor Luxury

The height of the e-scooter was raised by an additional 60mm suitable even for tall riders.

Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus vs Victor Luxury

– An even wider inflated 10 inches x 3.0 tires (80 / 65 – 6).
– ECO/TURBO and SINGLE/DUAL multiswitch in order to give the rider maximum flexibility in the choice of the driving mode.
– Bright headlight
– Electric horn.
– Turning signals.
– Reflective stickers on the front bridge.

Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus Specifications

– Hydraulic disc brake system on the front and the rear.
– Top speed limited to 25km/h for use on public roads (85km/h for use on private roads)
– 140 mm braking disks.
– The physical braking system is paired with our patented highly performant magnetic/electric braking.
– Stop lights.
– Rear LED red/stop lights in the deck.
– Automobile style red/stop light incorporated in the stylish footstep.
– Folding double lock for better stability of the handlebar steering tube.
– Double clamp for better stability and maximum durability.
– 2 charging ports


Product Specifications
MotorMax 4300W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
Battery type60V 35Ah Li-Ion LG
Max mileage (km)110-120 (75kg / 25km/h)
Max Speed (km/h)Restricted to 25km/h (85km/h on private road)
Max load (kg)120
Gradability≈ 43% (23°)
ABS BrakingAvailable
BrakeRear & Front hydraulic brakes and electric brake + ABS
Charging time (1.7A-2A)25hr+ (standard charger)
Charging time (3.4A)12.5hr+ (2 x standard charger)
Charging time (6.5A)5hr+ (When using quick charger (6.5A)
Folding HandlebarAvailable
SuspensionSuper Soft Adjustable Suspension Front/Rear
Tires10×3″ Τube tires
Product weight (kg)37
Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH1170 x 609 x 1307
Folded size (mm) LxWxH1170 x 279 x 560
LightDual LED headlight / taillight / brake light


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