Dualtron SPIDER II (60V, 24Ah)


Dualtron SPIDER II (60V, 24Ah)

  • New 60V 21700 Battery with 24Ah Capacity for an Extended Range of 85 km
  • Powerful 3600W Dual Motors for Exceptional Speed and Performance
  • Convenient Stem Headset Placement for Charging Ports and Light Switch
  • Built-in Footrest with Efficient Heat Dissipation for Controller
  • Sleek and Resilient New Arm Design
  • Double Folding System for Added Safety and Stability
  • Complete Lighting System for Enhanced Visibility


Dualtron Spider II Upgraded Version by Minimotors is still the strongest most powerful eScooter of its size.

• New battery 60V 21700, with battery capacity to 24Ah gives SPIDER II more range (85 km)
• More powerful, with motors that come with a total power of 3600W.
• Charging ports and light switch have been moved to stem headset, that it is more convenient to operate.
• The controller is in at the built-in footrest
• Double QR Slider (more steady steering tube)
• Complete light system (Arms, Steering tube, stem headset, side cover, frame, tail light, brake light, warning light)

Changing Ports & Switches

Dualtron Spider: charging ports and switches are located on the deck
Dualtron Spider II: The charging ports and light switch are located on the stem headset for more convenient operation.

Folding Hook

Dualtron Spider II: The integrated folding hook allows easy handlebar attachment and transport after folding.


Dualtron Spider II: The footrest is built in, and the controller is also located in the footrest.
The whole case is in 100% contact with the control board, and the case is thoughtfully designed so that the heat generated can be dissipated quickly.
This method can ensure the efficient operation of the controller. Besides, you can directly open the controller outside the scooter, it will be easier to maintain.

New Arm Design

Dualtron Spider II: The new arm of the Spider is more beautiful and resilient.

Double Folding System

Dualtron Spider II: Equipped with the double lock of minimotors, safer and more stable.


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