Dualtron Popular (Dual Motor)



The Dualtron Popular is not only a sleek and powerful electric scooter that effortlessly combines style, performance and reliability, but also a versatile micro-vehicle that will suit all budgets. The dualtron popular is, as its name implies, especially designed for the people.

With its modern design and cutting-edge features, the Dualtron Popular is the epitome of urban commuting and adventure exploration. Whether you’re zipping through bustling city streets or embarking on thrilling journeys, this scooter offers an exceptional riding experience that stands out in the world of electric scooters.

The Dualtron Popular boasts robust electric motors that deliver an impressive performance for such a compact scooter. Thanks to its dual motor configuration, this scooter offers substantial power and torque, ensuring that riders can effortlessly conquer steep inclines and accelerate quickly for an exhilarating ride. For less demanding riders, the single motor configuration is available for a better contained budget.

One of the standout features of the Dualtron Popular is its high-capacity lithium-ion battery, which provides an extended range. This means that riders can venture on longer journeys without the constant worry of recharging the scooter’s battery. The Dualtron Popular truly allows you to explore more and push your boundaries with its reliable and long-lasting battery performance.

The Dualtron Popular is a true crowd-pleaser, appealing to a wide range of riders. Its sleek design, high performance, extended range, and budget-friendly pricing make it a top choice for everybody. The Popular will also satisfy adventure enthusiasts who want an electric scooter that combines style, reliability, and accessibility.



Compact and waterproof Urban Scooter

With a certificate to back it up, it is constructed to last. One of the highest ratings an electrical device may receive is IPX7 water resistance for the display and IPX5 for the scooter. This means that the Popular is so well protected against water damage that you may immerse it for up to 30 minutes in up to 3 feet of water. The two 450W power motors are designed for the rat race of the metropolis with a top speed of 40 mph. With a wide profile and little tread, street tires have good traction on the ground. The scooter’s size and durability matter when choosing one for urban rides. Drum brakes have enough stopping strength at a modest speed.

New Dualtron EY2 display with app

A brand-new display for the Dualtron Popular was created by Minimotors. The huge, full-color LCD displays your riding information, such as the speedometer, riding mode, battery charge, and more, at a glance. The Popular has Bluetooth capability, allowing you to pair the scooter with your smartphone for extra security or access all settings directly from the display. You can customize performance settings and the readout in the Dualtron app to suit your tastes. Options for security can also be set. The dashboard is located centrally on the handlebars, as opposed to the majority of prior Dualtron scooters. On the left is a console with rubber buttons that controls your lights and horn, and on the right is an accelerator with a finger throttle.

Range of over 35 km with a 52V battery

Electric scooters for commuters should have a large battery so you can ride longer between charges. A robust 52V 14Ah battery is included with the Popular scooter, and a clever battery management system guards against thermal runaways, overcurrent, and other electrical problems. The Popular’s 1300 Wh battery provides a riding range of 25 kilometres. The high-quality battery pack can be readily replaced even though it will last for many charge cycles. Long-term maintenance is made simple because the battery can be easily removed from the deck’s bottom. The scooter’s neck has a single charging connector that is easily accessible whenever you need to refuel. For the best battery health, remove the rubber cover, plug the adapter into the wall before connecting it to the scooter, and then disconnect the wire as soon as the battery reaches 100%.

Built-in headlights and turn signals

When commuting on congested city streets, you need the Dualtron Popular’s important safety lights. In reality, certain areas of the world mandate that scooters have specific lights, such as blinkers or brake lights, as well as a license plate in order to be allowed to travel on public roadways. A configurable light bar and two 3W LEDs with a bright, long throw are included in the Popular e-scooter’s built-in headlights on the lower stem. LED turn signals are located on either side of the deck at the front and rear, making it simpler for people to see where you’re going. Additionally, when you brake, the taillight on the back fender glows and flashes. The button console on the left handlebar allows you to activate the horn and control all of the lights. The light buttons have indicators so you can tell when they are turned on.

Double wishbone suspension

The last thing you want to feel at the end of a long workday is the road’s ruts when you’re riding your electric scooter. With double wishbone suspension in front and spring suspension in back, the Popular has an entirely new damping system. Even on difficult terrain, the front end may remain stable and smoothly ride thanks to the double wishbone design. The Popular will react and flex as your tyres encounter road imperfections, absorbing vibrations and enhancing your riding pleasure. Additionally, the front and rear suspensions are enclosed, reducing the possibility that you will inadvertently harm the components as you cruise around town. Despite the Dualtron Popular’s dual suspension is not adjustable, it is ideally suited for anyone who wants to get on their scooter and go without spending too much time fiddling with it.




Product Specifications
Motor450w x 2 nominal (Max 2,900W) BLDC Hub Motor
Battery type20Ah, 1040Wh, 21700
Max mileage (km)65 (max 60kg / 25km/h)
Max Speed (km/h)Restricted to 25km/h (65km/h on private road)
Max load (kg)120
Gradeability≈ 37% (20°)
BrakeFront and Rear Drum brake and electric ABS brake
Charging time (1.7A-2A)10hr+ (standard charger)
Folding HandlebarYes
Folding Steering TubeYes
SuspensionFront/Rear Dual suspension
Tires9” Wide Tube Tire (70/50-6.1)
Water ResistantIPX5 – IPX7 DISPLAY
Product weight (kg)32,5
Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH1200x634x1216
Folded size (mm) LxWxH1227x205x523
DashboardSmart Ey2 Color Display – Connect with APP
LightLED headlight/taillight, Body Side LED, Steering Tube LED,Turning Signals, Front Light Wheel