Battery 48V 13Ah (EVE Cells)


Compatible with Smartgyro Speedway/Rockway and similar models from Zwheel, Urbanglide, etc.
Made with EVE brand cells, higher quality than the original battery of those scooters.

Battery characteristics:
Real capacity: 13A/h (Test carried out at 20A with cut-off at 39v)
Nominal voltage: 48V
Maximum voltage: 54.5+-0.2V
Minimum voltage: 39 V
Cell composition: 10S5P
Cell model: Lí-ON icr18650 2550mA/h [EVE]
Rated power: 800W
Maximum power: 1800 W
Maximum recommended discharge: 20 A
Rated discharge: 15 A
Maximum recommended load: 3 A
Charging port: 2 x Dean type T Female
Discharging port: XT60 Male
Includes humidity label: Yes
BMS characteristics:
Charge: 1-5 A
Discharge: 40 A
Cell cut-off voltage: 2.8 V
Type: Separate charging port without communication

Warranty: 6 months, conditions below.

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Warranty conditions.

-The product cannot have symptoms of humidity, shocks or vibrations.
-It can’t have been opened.
-It must have been used under the characteristics for which it is prepared.
-It must have carried out adequate maintenance. (Their maximum voltage must be checked every 3 months and they must be brought to 70% to store them).
-Maximum working temperature [-20 to 60ºC].
-Maximum charging temperature [0 to 45ºC]
-Storage temperature [20ºC,35ºC].
-You cannot manipulate or change connectors or cut cables
-6 months warranty from the date of sale. (Storage is allowed up to 2 months before sale)


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