Here you can find our available folding scooters such as Dualtron and Segway.

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  • Dualtron CITY (60V, 25Ah)


    Dualtron CITY from Minimotors


    • Powerful 4000W Dual Motor Setup for Speed and Performance
    • Unmatched Comfort with High Ground Height and Longest Wheelbase
    • Conquer 37% Slopes Effortlessly
    • LG 60V, 25Ah Battery for Up to 90km of Range
    • Reliable ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes for Safety
    • Variable Suspension with 5 Replaceable Rubber Cartridges
    • Complete Lighting System for Enhanced Visibility
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  • Dualtron Mini Limited (52V-21Ah) – Dual Brake


    Experience the ultimate urban ride with the new Dualtron Mini.

    Featuring front and rear drum brakes for enhanced safety, this scooter boasts a powerful 735W motor and best-in-class dual suspension for a smooth and thrilling journey.

    Its compact design is complemented by a quick-fold system, making it incredibly convenient for urban living.

    With the option for rapid charging, you’ll always be ready to go. Enjoy a range of approximately 60km and a top speed of up to 45km/h.

    The Dualtron Mini’s robust construction, including a super-strong alloy chassis, ensures durability and reliability.

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  • Dualtron SPIDER II (60V, 24Ah)


    Dualtron SPIDER II (60V, 24Ah)

    • New 60V 21700 Battery with 24Ah Capacity for an Extended Range of 85 km
    • Powerful 3600W Dual Motors for Exceptional Speed and Performance
    • Convenient Stem Headset Placement for Charging Ports and Light Switch
    • Built-in Footrest with Efficient Heat Dissipation for Controller
    • Sleek and Resilient New Arm Design
    • Double Folding System for Added Safety and Stability
    • Complete Lighting System for Enhanced Visibility
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  • Dualtron SPIDER Limited (24,5Ah)


    – Dualtron Spider Limited 3000W: The Most Powerful eScooter in Its Class
    – Upgraded Battery: Increased Capacity to 24.5Ah for an Extended Range of 80 km
    – Enhanced Stability: Taller Handlebar for Improved Rider Control (+5cm)
    – Lightweight Design: Weighs Only 21 kg, Made from Aerospace-Grade Materials
    – Dual Hub Motors: Fast and Smooth Acceleration with ABS Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    – LG 24.5Ah Battery: Reach Top Speeds of 65km/h (Private Road), 25km/h Restricted
    – Impressive Gradeability: Climbs Hills with Ease at 45% (25°)
    – Large Inflatable Tires: 10-inch Tires for Improved Stability and Customization
    – Rubber Suspension: Provides a Comfortable Ride
    – Quick Charging: 2.6+ Hours with a 6.5A Charger
    – Intuitive ‘EYE’ Dashboard: Customize Features like Slow Start, Electric Brake Strength, and more for a Tailored Riding Experience.

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  • Dualtron THUNDER (60v, 35Ah)


    Dualtron THUNDER (60v, 35Ah)

    • Raw Power: 5,400W Dual Motors, Reaching Speeds of 80 km/h (Private Road)
    • Impressive Range: 60V Lithium-Ion Battery with 35Ah LG Cells, Covering up to 120 km
    • Enhanced Tires: Tubeless, Wide, and Stable 11-inch Tires for Rough Terrain
    • Adjustable Suspensions: PFlex System for Customized Comfort
    • Dual Braking System: Hydraulic Front Brake and Disc Rear Brake for Safety
    • All-Terrain Scooter: Ideal for Various Mobility Needs
    • Designed for Adults Under 120 kg
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  • Dualtron Victor


    Minimotors stands for innovation, quality & performance and the Dualtron Victor is certainly no exception to the rule. With next generation motors delivering up to 4000W of power and a massive 60V30Ah LG battery The Victor gives you the power to climb any hill with a breathtaking range of up to 100km!

    With breathtaking performance the Victor also delivers breathtaking comfort, stability and braking power using its full hydraulic braking system, patented suspension system & ultra wide tires. The Victor simply does not compromise on any front and is by many seen as the best value electric scooter on the market!

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  • Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus (60V, 28Ah)


    Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus (60V, 28Ah)

    • Unmatched Power: Dual Motors Deliver 4300W for Hill-Climbing Dominance
    • High-Quality Batteries: Choose from CN 60V28Ah (LITE) or LG 60V35Ah (PRO) with LG 21700 Cells
    • Impressive Range: Up to 50km (LITE) or 80km (PRO) in Normal Conditions
    • Spacious Deck: Enjoy More Room for a Comfortable Ride
    • Taller Design: Suitable for Tall Riders with an Additional 60mm Height
    • Enhanced Features: Wider 10-inch Inflated Tires, Flexible Driving Modes, Bright Headlight, Electric Horn, and Turning Signals
    • Superior Safety: Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Magnetic/Electric Braking, ABS, Stop Lights, and Reflective Stickers
    • Stability and Durability: Folding Double Lock, Double Clamp, and Dual Charging Ports for Convenience.
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  • Kaabo Skywalker 10C


    A powerful commuter scooter!

    The Kaabo Sky 10C electric scooter will give your commute a powerful upgrade with an impressive 800W rear motor and weighing at only 21.4kg you can expect a range of up to 50KM from a single charge.

    With the 10″x 3″ pneumatic tyres ready to tackle any terrain, the larger deck providing comfort for longer trips, along with front and rear disc brakes for ultimate stopping performance, the Sky 10C is the ultimate electric scooter in this class.

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