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  • TROMOX Mino


    MINO redefines urban commuting with its lightweight design (68kg) and ergonomic features, including a 118km range from an automotive-grade lithium battery in an IP65 waterproof case. Its innovative mid-positioned motor offers swift acceleration (0 to 100m in 10s) and exceptional torque, complemented by a Tromox app for real-time vehicle data. With safety at its core—thanks to high-efficiency disc brakes, a 360° lighting system, and a durable carbon steel frame—MINO ensures a comfortable, secure, and efficient ride for urban travelers.

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  • TROMOX Mino-B


    Experience the MINO B Electric Motorcycle, blending classic aesthetics with urban adaptability. Weighing just 68kg, this versatile bike is crafted for diverse road conditions, with a robust automotive-grade lithium battery pack with a 118km range and a powerful 2500W motor. Featuring TROMOX’s Battery Management System, a compact design (60V 20Ah), and a user-friendly App, monitor your ride’s data effortlessly. Enjoy safety features like efficient disc brakes, excellent shock absorption, and high-transmittance LED lighting. Built sturdy yet lightweight with a carbon steel frame, aluminum parts, and ergonomic design, this motorcycle ensures a secure, comfortable, and agile urban journey.

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  • Tromox UKKO S


    Experience the UKKO electric motorcycle, setting new standards in riding excitement with its sleek design and advanced features. With its lightweight brakes and comfortable seating, UKKO ensures stability and a smooth ride. Powered by a high-performance motor, it offers quick acceleration and remarkable torque. Thanks to the Tromox E-rush fast charging system, the bike charges 80% in just 45 minutes. The durable aluminum alloy battery case ensures longevity, waterproofing, and effective heat dissipation.

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